About Us

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t need a little help. Let’s kick some ass together.

Your Friends AND Consultants

We started Strategic Placement Group in 2008 out of a desire to fill a void in the advertising industry: proper customer service.

We noticed several agencies were selling their advertising services just for the sake of selling. They were collecting their paycheck and then “setting and forgetting” the campaigns they created. The result? Unhappy clients and wasted marketing dollars.

That’s not us. We utilize effective marketing tools that will grow your business. We customize marketing initiatives to YOUR goals and monitor them closely to ensure they produce the results we want.


We Get Results

These are just a few examples of the brands we’ve taken to the next level through our creative advertising initiatives.

We run the gamut of businesses—from small and medium-sized businesses to multi-million dollar companies in various industries.

Let us help you scale your business and deliver results that support your business needs.

"Looking for a Fantastic FULL Service Ad Agency that will help you out? Look no further. The Team at Strategic Placement will take care of you. I HIGHLY recommend them"

Lance Evans

"SPG helped me launch an e-commerce business. Their staff was very knowledgeable and attentive. If you are deciding where or how to invest in advertising for your business, SPG is the group to talk to."

Tony Hester

Meet Your New Best Friends

Stan Edwards

General Manager

Alexa Edwards

Office Manager

Chad Conner

Creative Director

Jerry Headrick

Customer Success Manager

Jane Rasar

Customer Success Manager

Matt Sexton

Customer Success Manager

Conrad Casem, Jr.

Production Manager

Let’s Get Started

We’re ready to work with you on a customized marketing plan that gets results.


We’ll do a deep dive into your needs and objectives and determine if we are a good fit to work together.


We will analyze your data and customize a plan that includes expert advertising services that best serve your business.


We execute the plan. We never “set it and forget it” but instead refine as needed to get the results we want.