Branding & Marketing Strategy

We’ll create a strong brand and strategize the best ways to promote it to the masses.

Set Your Business Up for SUCCESS

Who are you? Before you can even think about beating your competition in Google ads or TV commercials, you need to know the answer to this question.

Your brand identity should be so strong that customers would still recognize you without the label. There should also be consistency across all mediums so that your brand has the same look and tells the same story no matter where customers encounter you.

Strategic Placement Group can help. First, our team gets into the nitty gritty to determine who, what, and why. Then, we build a strong brand that showcases you as the answer to all your customers’ pain points.

Once we have a strong brand, we’ll customize marketing strategies that make sense for YOUR industry. We never use cookie-cutter approaches but instead offer personalized services that get results.

Marketing Strategy

Once you have an established brand, it’s time to strategize how to get it in front of the masses.

Strategic Placement Group’s goal is to optimize every dollar of your marketing budget. Seriously. We’ll ask for 6-12 months of invoices and find ways to condense your spending so you get the best bang for your buck.

Once we know your goals, we’ll determine what marketing and advertising services will get the best results.

Some strategies we may consider include:

  • CTV/OTT Advertising
  • Display Advertising
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Linear TV Advertising
  • Radio Advertisements
  • Billboards
  • Direct Mail Campaigns

Brand Development

We can help your business with brand development in 3 distinctive ways:

Build Your Brand From the Ground Up

Have you just started a business and aren’t sure where to start? We’ll build a lasting brand that will set you up for success both now and in the future.

Revitalize & Refresh Your Brand

Consider a brand refresh if your business has been around for a while. A branding makeover can breathe new life into your brand and attract a new generation of customers.

Take Your Brand To The Next Level

Maybe you already have an established brand but need help growing it. We can equip you with the right tools to take your brand to the next level.


Let’s Get Started

We’re ready to work with you on a customized marketing plan that gets results.


We’ll do a deep dive into your needs and objectives and determine if we are a good fit to work together.


We will analyze your data and customize a plan that includes expert advertising services that best serve your business.


We execute the plan. We never “set it and forget it” but instead refine as needed to get the results we want.

For 30 years Tony Hester has been collecting antique, cast-iron waffle irons with his family. In doing so, Tony realized the quality of this product. It is truly an heirloom piece that can be passed down through generations. All the patterns were unique and created a perfect waffle. It was this inspiration that lead him to create Appalachian Cast Iron Company.

ACI’s problem was they were a new company and needed funding. With this being a new company they weren’t really sure where to start. They also didn’t have any structure in how to let the world know who they were. How do they make this dream a reality?

This is where we came in. With Tony’s business being completely new, we knew we needed to get the word out to people. Que our creative team. We branded his company. We didn’t just give it a face, we gave it a whole look! Through Logo and graphics, Video production, photography, and social media content and advisement. We Gave this new baby of a company all the tools it needed to be successful. And guess what? It worked. Now ACI is a brand that ships internationally. It is growing and thriving every day. We helped turn ACI from a hobby to a respected brand that is highly recognized.

Success #1 was Crowdfunding.

Through the use of two different platforms, he was able to exceed his target goal expectations. This allowed Tony to immediately go into production working with US-based Foundries.

Success #2 was his social media presence.

When ACI came to us, they were at respectable 1700-ish followers. Our goal was to exceed 10,000. We achieved that goal through enhanced organic posts, as well as, “Like Campaigns” in Meta’s paid ad space. At the time of this writing, ACI has over 12,800 followers!

Success #3 was the website.

Now that ACI had sample products in hand, we could build a scalable eCommerce website.

Exceeded expectations on time and below budget.

Family Dental Center is a practice that (just like the name says) is all about families. This company is completely different from what we just talked about with ACI. When we met they were an established practice with 4 dentists that serve the entire Tri-Cities Area.

Why did they hire us? Well like many small businesses, everyone wants your dollars. Advertising Dollars that is. Family Dental Centers knew 50% of their budget was working they just didn’t know what 50% it was.

Our Solution was to reduce their marketing expenditures.

We went in and established their target market. We told them exactly where to put their ad dollars to receive the best results. And, as a bonus, our creative team got to give this business of 44 years a fresh new look and created a digital presence for them.

What are the results? Well, I am glad you asked. We were able to reduce their marketing expenditures by 67%. You heard that right! 67%! We saved them a quarter million dollars a year which left them room to grow and expand and hire more employees and a new Dentist.

Exceeded expectations on time and below budget.

Durden Pecan. Make sure you get it right. “IT’s PE CAN!” This family-owned Business is located in South Georgia and has been growing and selling Pecans since 1955.

Why did they hire us? Like many companies, Durden Pecan had been operating for 68 years using the same strategy to move their product. This company was using an outdated website, marketing strategy, and resources; which kept them from reaching new customers in their target demographic.

Our Solution? Refreshing their look! We got to give this sweet family-owned business a whole makeover. Our creative team gave them a New Logo, Graphics, photography, and a fresh new Website to sell their tasty product.

The results were awesome. This happy client’s fresh new look has increased their sales and opened them up to new markets.

Exceeded expectations on time and below budget.